Well hello there!

13 Sep

Welcome to my sugar-crazed journey! On this blog I will try out a new dessert place in the D.C. area every week showing a special emphasis on cupcake shops. After trying out these desserts, I will post my comments and critique of each place.

So what made me decide on a dessert blog? Well first of all I love sweets and second of all…yeah I just love them. I guess in all seriousness though I was tasked with the job of creating a semester-long blog for my social media class at Georgetown University. Our teacher asked us to create a blog that represented us and could let our personalities shine through. With that being said, I could think of nothing better than to write about desserts. Some people crave something salty, some crave a big hamburger and me? I just crave sweets…hints the name of this blog. Also, since I moved to the DC area just short of a month ago, creating this blog is super helpful to me as I’m able to scout out the best (and worst) dessert places around!

With D.C. being the land of the ‘cupcake wars’, I thought it was only appropriate to first try out one of the biggest names in the cupcake business…Georgetown Cupcake! Check in next week as I give my critique of this famous Georgetown dessert eatery.


One Response to “Well hello there!”

  1. gtown850fontanez September 14, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    Love this idea! Will tune in with anticipation 🙂

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