Top Sweet Eater Tweeters

5 Oct

This week I looked at the most influential tweeters who tweet about sweets. My research proved to be quite interesting. Three out of the five top tweeters I found wrote exclusively about cupcakes. Therefore, I decided to change my search to cupcakes since that produced the most accurate search results. Maybe that shouldn’t be too surprising since cupcake shops tend to be popping up everywhere now. Seeing that the most influential dessert tweeters are cupcake tweeters just proves that cupcakes are king in the world of desserts!

#1 – Cupcakes Take the Cake (14,637 Followers) – This tweeter is most famously known for its blog, which also has the same name. Therefore, most of their tweets take you directly to specific blog posts. Most of their blog posts are about great cupcake recipes, cupcake bakeries and cupcake decorating tips. On their Twitter page, they also post about news in the cupcake world. Most of their followers must also follow the blog because the tweets themselves are not very interesting.

#2 – Cupcake Ideas for You (6,540 Followers) – Cupcake Ideas for You tweets about cupcake ideas from around the world. They also post pictures of wedding cupcake ideas, birthday cupcake ideas and vegan cupcake ideas too. They are most famously known for their website and blog though. Their followers send them cupcake photos to them that they’ve created, which they then tweet. They could do a better job asking their followers for direct input but their casual, fun tweets gives a much more human side that makes their Twitter page fun to read!

#3 – Cupcake Project (2,576 Followers) – This tweeter is the author of Cupcake Project. Her goal as stated on her blog is “to master the cupcake one unique recipe at a time.” This Twitter page was by far my favorite of the top 3. What I really liked about this Twitter page was that she didn’t just  post the link to her latest blog post as some of the others did. Instead she uses her Twitter page to interact directly with followers and invites questions that prompt a higher response rate.


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