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The Cupcake Shoppe – Raleigh, NC

27 Dec

While at home in NC over winter break, I went to see some of my friends in Raleigh. One of my favorite cupcake places and probably the best known place in the city for cupcakes is the Cupcake Shoppe. The have a smaller menu than many of the places that I’ve been to in DC but they also have a good number to choose from and more traditional options. Some of the best flavors in my opinion include the coconut, cookie monster, peanut butter cup and black and white cupcakes.

During the holidays, they have some options that are not only seasonal but delicious. They include peppermint patty, eggnog and gingerbread. I’ve had their gingerbread in the past and it’s always a winner. The cake is gingerbread of course, the frosting is vanilla and is topped with a hot cinnamon candy. (Sorry for not posting a picture of it by the way! I took it to go and it didn’t exactly travel well. Oopsies!)

If you’re in the area stop on by. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

Location: 104 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh, NC 27603; Price: $3/cupcake or $33/dozen; Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10am-8pm, Friday-Saturday: 10am-11pm, Sunday: Closed.


The Buzz About Buzz Bakery

14 Dec

The Cookie Monster Cupcake 🙂

As of yesterday, I officially finished my first semester of grad school at Georgetown! I could not be more excited to have a three week winter break ahead of me and decided the best way to celebrate was with a cupcake. 🙂 My friend Emily has been raving about a bakery in Arlington (located in Ballston) called Buzz Bakery & Lounge for months so I decided to try it out.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how cute this store was. They have a huge U-shaped counter in the middle of the store and tons of cute modern furniture and some very snazzy light fixtures I might add! There was a ton of seating room too, which really sets this place apart from most bakeries I’ve visited.

Ordering here is no easy feat since everything looks amazing (see the picture of the display case below if you need proof!). So after much deliberation I decided to order the cookie monster cupcake. It’s one of their signature cupcakes and I can see why. The actual cake tasted more like a chocolate chip muffin rather than cupcake but it was a difference I decided I actually liked. The icing is whipped to perfection and has little itsy bitsy pieces of cookie crumbs in it. Also it has cookie dough in the middle and a small cookie garnish it on top.

Yeahhh I don't think any dessert choice could be a bad one here. 😉

While I wish I could have tried more, don’t fret….I will certainly go back and try something different. I know I’m a sucker for cupcakes but if that’s not your thing they have plenty of other options as well such as pies, tarts, cookies, brownies, plated desserts and cakes. They are also extremely well-known for their breakfast selection. In fact, the Washington Post said they have the best breakfast sandwiches in town. Stop on in and see if you agree with the Post!

In addition to the Ballston location, they also have a store in Alexandria if that’s closer to you. 🙂

Could this storefront be any cuter?? Yeah, I don't think so.

Sooo cute!

“You Gotta Treat Cake Like a Lady!”

27 Sep

(Left to Right) Ang, Me, Katrina and Lauren (the bride 🙂 )

As Vince Vaughn famously said in the movie Wedding Crashers, “You Gotta Treat Cake Like a Lady!” Well said Vince, well said. This quote is a tribute to one of my favorite movies and is also a tribute post to one my very good friends who got hitched this past weekend. Congrats Lauren!! 🙂 You were such a beautiful bride! I can honestly say that she and her new husband Josh did a very good job at cutting the cake…They know how to give cake that R-E-S-P-E-C-T that it deserves. Vince would be so proud!

So for a little bit of background – Lauren is one of my two roommates from college and one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She had a love affair with cupcakes long before I did – and also long before they were in vogue. So that being said it didn’t surprise me at all that she decided to have cupcakes at her wedding this past weekend in Raleigh, NC. And they were delicious. See the carrot cake cupcake and vanilla cupcakes below! Yum, yum, yum!

Had such a good weekend catching up with college friends and being a part of truly beautiful wedding!

Vanilla Cupcake (Choosing plain never tasted this good!)

Carrot Cake Cupcake (So good we forgot to take the picture before eating it 🙂 )

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