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Pie Sisters

3 Mar

Between places like Georgetown Cupcake, Sprinkles, Baked & Wired, and now Pie Sisters, the Georgetown area seems to be making a name for itself as the dessert hubbub of DC.

As anyone who knows me well will tell you, cake, cupcakes, or anything with frosting is my thing…but pie?? Mehh, not so much. However, since I’ve been hearing rave reviews about Pie Sisters from several of my Georgetown U peers, I decided to trek over to the small M Street store to see what the buzz was all about.

I absolutely love the entrepreneurial story surrounding this place. It was started by three sisters in the fall of 2010, who were previously living in separate areas of the country and who were pursuing different careers. However, their love for pie-making, which was a tradition for them growing up, brought them back together.

The presentation of their pies is an art form in itself as you can see from the pictures above and below. I got the chocolate cream and apple pie cuppies per the recommendation of a Pie Sister’s employee. (FYI – Cuppies are essentially  individual-sized portions). Both were delicious. The chocolate cream pie was light and airy and the chocolate itself was divine! This apple pie is the best I’ve had in my entire life, no joke. The amount of cinnamon used gave it the punch it needed without going overboard.

The store is conveniently located on M Street, almost a straight shot off the Key Bridge and is definitely a must-go if you’re a pie lover or just a dessert lover in general. I cannot wait to come back in summer to try out their berry-filled pies. I’d highly recommend Pie Sisters to anyone and everyone!

Where: 3423 M St. NW, Washington, DC 20007; Hours: 11am-7pm Tuesday-Sunday; Prices: Cuppies – $4, 7” pie – $14, 7” specialty pie – $16, 9” pie – $35, 9” specialty pie – $37. Go to the Pie Sister’s website for more details.


Georgetown Cupcake – Not Gonna Sugarcoat it

21 Sep

Welcome back y’all! As I said last week, I felt it was only appropriate to critique the most famous cupcake shop in D.C. first, Georgetown Cupcake. That being said, maybe it was case of  high expectations or the fact that it took me three tries to actually get a cupcake (I’ll explain later) or the fact that the product was pretty darn mediocre, but let’s just say I was less than impressed.

I had my first “research” project all planned out for Saturday while my dad, aunt and uncle were in town. We went into Georgetown for lunch and by the time we were ready to get a cupcake the line was not only out the door but a good ways around the block. My family said that as much as they loved me they weren’t waiting in that line. Can you blame them? My mediocre experience would have been TRULY disappointing if I had to wait in that line.

The second time I tried going was on Sunday and I had the same problem. But today I FINALLY got my cupcake. Hooray! Turns out that going to Georgetown Cupcake involves strategy. Early morning + rain = WINNING COMBINATION!

I will always try to say something positive about every place I visit. I guess it’s the true southerner in me that wants to put a positive spin on everything. That being said, the building itself is ridiculously cute and inviting. Everything inside is either pink or white and is adorned with bright Japanese lanterns, bright flowers and filled with modern furniture. The staff is young, fresh, professional and friendly and the service is very prompt and organized.

Now onto the main event – the cupcakes! I wanted to get something traditional/classic (red velvet), something very sweet/rich (chocolate ganache) and something a little different (coconut). I would give the icing itself on all an A but the cake wasn’t anything special. If a friend on mine had made these cupcakes I would have been genuinely impressed, but for this to be their business? Meh…it wasn’t anything great. I also don’t think the hype surrounding this place helped. Whoever does  their advertising/PR/marketing deserves the highest honors. It seems to be a case of the brand exceeding the actual product. I will say that the price of the cupcakes is low (about $3) compared to most cupcakes places I’ve visited in the past and the size is very manageable (some of the cupcakes I’ve gotten recently are just too overwhelming).

Obviously America has given them a higher grade than me but I’ve gotta give them a B-.

Front Counter + Cupcakes

The outside of Georgetown Cupcake

Well hello there!

13 Sep

Welcome to my sugar-crazed journey! On this blog I will try out a new dessert place in the D.C. area every week showing a special emphasis on cupcake shops. After trying out these desserts, I will post my comments and critique of each place.

So what made me decide on a dessert blog? Well first of all I love sweets and second of all…yeah I just love them. I guess in all seriousness though I was tasked with the job of creating a semester-long blog for my social media class at Georgetown University. Our teacher asked us to create a blog that represented us and could let our personalities shine through. With that being said, I could think of nothing better than to write about desserts. Some people crave something salty, some crave a big hamburger and me? I just crave sweets…hints the name of this blog. Also, since I moved to the DC area just short of a month ago, creating this blog is super helpful to me as I’m able to scout out the best (and worst) dessert places around!

With D.C. being the land of the ‘cupcake wars’, I thought it was only appropriate to first try out one of the biggest names in the cupcake business…Georgetown Cupcake! Check in next week as I give my critique of this famous Georgetown dessert eatery.

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